Wix has been around for quite some time and 2018 as the time when the rapidly started to grow exponentially and has become quite popular. They are also known as one of the largest CMS options which have been successfully providing their services in nearly 200 countries across the globe. Alongside that, they also have hundreds of millions of subscribers. But there are quite a lot of people who still don’t know what Wix is all about.

Well, Wix is a website builder. You can build your website on their tools, and for accessing your site, you need to go through the Wix admin panel. In short, your website lives on their servers, and whatever you do, you need to do it through one of their interfaces.

Pros of Wix Website Builder:

Wix comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages, and here are some of those.

Wix website builder templates


At the Core, Wix’s backend and overall architecture are functional, but many of the edges have also been cleaned to perfect it while holding several functions on one screen. But it’s easy and intuitive enough. If they talk about drag and drop, they say you’re dragging and dropping things anywhere you want them to. They have tools, models and guides to help you design a website that you can not only create, but also see it.

Speed and Security:

All web pages of Wix are hosted on servers of Wix. This means that the servers for the websites of Wix are optimized. Wix professionals are responsible for ensuring that your site remains fast and secure. It also ensures that your site is protected by professionals.

There are also JavaScript on Wix’s websites. Therefore, their speed measurements are very different. Their sites respond very quickly, but it takes a while to load correctly. Many developers are not supporters of the strategy, but the sites are suitable for an average user.

Customer Support:

Wix websites have the benefits of an all-in-one solution, including speed & security. It is on Wix to repair it if there is a problem. The root problem is not monitored, or who or what is in default is established.

You can contact customer service if something is wrong or you want to delete it. Wix supports via a knowledge base, telephone, and e-mail tickets. They can potentially solve any problem since they run a private platform.

Cons of Wix Website Builder:


There are only so many features to add to the app, like most app solutions. An App Store is an option for clients to get the apps they want. Wix is also launching a Wix App Market that gives Wix store owners access to compatible third-party devices. It’s okay, but I didn’t find the apps real.


In the technical SEO culture, Wix has always been a little disdain. It was partly due to their technological implementation years ago and years ago. They used Flash, a complete bane of the life of any SEO consultant.


There are also a few intangibles missing from the editing and page layout process. From a control point of view, this could well be fine, but also could be quite challenging based on your expectations. You should keep track of conditions, rulers, and so on.

But it only takes a little effort and imagination to create a platform. Wix delivers a lot of models to overcome this pain, and, over the past year, it has done a decent job of investing in its designer.

Well, these are some of the pros and cons of Wix. Well, it is an excellent choice for beginners. Well, you can learn a lot from here. Hopefully, the information provided here has been of help to you


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