Windows Gadgets have been favorites of techies for a long time and why not, it has many capabilities such as displaying weather, time, sticky notes and usage of CPU.  These gadgets were placed on the right-hand sidebar. However, when Windows 8 was launched these Windows gadgets were dropped by Microsoft.

In the later versions of Windows, it was not rolled out anymore. Reports claim the main reason for the disappearance of these gadgets is due to security reasons. It is extreme vulnerable to attacks and hacks.

The official Microsoft statement reads that,

  • Some legitimate gadgets… could contain vulnerabilities
  • You could be tricked into installing a “malicious Gadgets”

However, few fixes were rolled out to make the gadgets secure by soon it was completely removed from the services. Later when window 10 was released gadgets in windows 10 became eventually popular.

Gadgets can be downloaded from Microsoft Store and it is very easy. Although the old version of the gadget is not available there are tons of new gadgets are available. Some of these Gadgets are.

 8 GadgetsPack

This gadget is free and enables its users to run in Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating software. It also has the classic vista styled bar(which Windows loyal would love it). You can customize this gadget according to your needs such as colors, location and another important widget you want to add to it.

We believe this gadget will help you to boost your productivity in many cases.

Windows Desktop Gadgets

The DesktopGadgets functions as the original gadgets that we all missed. This no-nonsense gadget can be downloaded from the app store. After installing it you will be able to access the traditional Windows 7 and Windows Vista Style. It is the original repackage gadgets that were optimized to run with Windows 10.


Each of the gadgets that we have me mentioned on the list can increase your productivity. For example, the clock can tell you about the various time zone. It is safe to use Windows Dekstop Gadgets? Yes, probably it quite safe to use it.

We hope that you liked our article on gadgets in windows 10.


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