UK Government Criticised by UN Panel for Not Looking After the Interests of the Disabled

A UN inquiry made on the UK government slammed the government for failing to uphold the disabled people’s rights. It found that the government is going back across a range of areas including education, health, work, housing, transport and also social security.

The country has been a signatory to the UN convention on disabled people’s rights since 2007 and a UN committee examines the government’s progress in fulfilling its commitments on the same. This time when the committee reviewed the progress it found that the government is lagging behind in most of the areas.

According to the convention, the government needs to preserve the rights of disabled people when it comes to work, to live independently, and to enjoy social protection. It needs to see that these people are not discriminated in any way. But contrary to this, the committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities found that there was a rise in disabled pupils who were not included in mainstream education. Also, disabled were not given employment opportunities. The responsibility of making the disabled people live independently was also shifted to the local authorities, but they were not provided with the funds for the same.

The committee grilled the government officials for two days in Geneva before arriving at these conclusions. After the findings were made public, the campaigners and the charities called it a “grim reality check” for the Government. The opposition has attacked the government by saying that the ministers should be “shamed into action.”

The report given by the committee has highlighted all major areas of concern and have given more than 60 recommendations to act.

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