TUC General Secretary Alleges the Government on Giving Little Consideration to Workers’ Rights.

Frances O’Grady, the General Secretary of TUC (Trade Union Congress) alleged the May government for not taking into proper consideration the impact of Brexit on workers’ rights. The trade union movement wanted Britain to remain in the EU trade agreements in the transition period and they also wanted that the door should be left open to staying in the single market even after March 2019 when this transition is over.

TUC believes that the best way to protect the rights of the British workers is with continued membership with EU single market.She has to make her keynote speech in Brighton on Monday and it is expected that she will say the following to increase pressure to shift Labour’s policy on Jeremy Corbyn.

“The prime minister is sticking to the same old script that she can get whatever she wants, that we can all have all the same benefits of the single market without playing by the rules. This isn’t a grown-up negotiating position. It’s a letter to Santa. My challenge to all political parties is this: when it comes to Brexit, don’t box yourselves in. Don’t rule anything out. Keep all options on the table. And put jobs, rights, and livelihoods first.”

The MPs in Westminster are preparing for the debate that will happen on EU withdrawal bill. The TUC general council represents some 50 trade union organizations and hence her speech is of immense importance. David Davis, the Brexit secretary wants the MPs to vote with clarity and not for a chaotic exit from EU.

The unions are the key supporters of Corbyn’s leadership who have recently announced that Labour is in favour of continuing membership of the EU single market.

Source: The Guardian

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