Top 4 Wearable Technology Trends of the Future

Wearable technology is soon to become a reality. Initially, experts were experimenting with some basic functionality, but now there are many more functionalities that are being explored:

  • Getting It Charged: There could very soon come a day when you will be able to charge your portable music player or your smart phone with the help of your clothes. Designers have been inspired by flexible solar panels to come up with certain accessories that will power electronics. Wearable Solar is a start-up, which is making use of technology in order to make garments that are lightweight and wired, which will enable the wearer to charge a smartphone for up to 50% if it’s worn for an hour in the sun. Voltic Systems, a New York based company, makes a bag collection that can charge many other varieties apart from smartphones.

  • Fashion-Ware That Is Futuristic: Wearable technology is going to be a huge rage, but this principle of working goes way beyond eyewear like Google Glass. There is even the rumored iWatch, a smart timepiece. Designers are busy with making fitness wear, apparels, and accessories, which can do just about anything from charging your smartphone to monitoring the heart rate.

  • Getting Off the Sidewalk: Bike-sharing programs in cities like Citi Bike from New York will be great, but the stations could be getting a little hard to get without any map. A company, which sells DIY kits and electronics, Adafruit has just created a helmet in order to help an efficient process. This also has a navigation system, which is most likely built-in and makes use of lights for flashing on the right or left in order to allow the rider to know where the turning needs to be made. This interface, as of now, is still kind of complicated since the user will need to manually key in the destination’s coordinates, but this is still safer than using a smartphone when riding.

  • Bangles and Baubles: Later in future, you will have your own personal air purifier, which can defend you from all the polluted air present outside. The Hand Tree design needs to be worn on the wrist. This filters the polluted air by sucking up the air around and recycles it back in your atmosphere. An Electrolux Design Lab Competition’s semifinalist, Alexander Kostin invented it. This refillable filter made of carbon is what purifies the gas. It also has a screen, which is an organic light-emitting one. The set-up is charged by a charge-able battery.

These are going to be the trend of the future and let’s see who laps up the manufacturing rights!

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