For any computer using a good speaker is very essential. Generally, inbuilt speakers are not good therefore, you need to buy a good- speaker for your PC set up. However, it is not necessarily important for you to buy a high end speaker. Indeed, you can buy speakers that doesn’t break your budget.

Gamer spend way too much money on accessories therefore  our article on best pc speakers under 100 will help you to make your job easier.

Creative Labs  GigaWorks T20  Series II

This speaker from the house of Creative Labs can be obtained under 100 $. GigaWorks is a staple name in the gaming community and has won many awards for providing quality services and for the design. However , T20 Series II is a ultrarich product that provides excellent sound quality.

It can be connected via Bluetooth and Aux cables.

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

These speakers from Bose offers rich tone and quality sound. If you are an audiophile you will enjoy these since the mids and highs are quite good. However, this is one drawback i.e. it tends to distort the sound  when the volume is clocked to maximum. It offers multiple for jack inputs which can useful.

Logitech Z337 Speaker with Bluetooth

These 2.1 computer speakers are best pc speakers under 100 and can be connected via Bluetooth, headphones and Aux cables. This portable speaker offers 40W power which can be split between 8 w satellites and 24 W subwoofers. During our test, it provided a loud and bold enough to reach to our neighbor. It is convenient and can be a great ROI.

MicroLab Chairman B77BT

 It is one of the top-rated Bluetooth speakers in the market today. The audio output is excellent and provides crystal and crisp sound that can be pleasing to the ear. This is due to presence of excellent technology and the quality of the speakers used in the manufacturing process. It comes with the latest 4.0 wireless technology.

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