Hey, Gamers! Welcome back, we guarantee that you will love this article today. We are going to make a list of best pc in the world for gaming. It is important to deliver the list of best gaming PC since we don’t want our gamers to use average stuff that can hurt your gaming experiences.

Companies such as Dell’s Alienware , Asus’s Republic Of Gamers, Hp’s Omen makes the cut in our list today. Gaming prices can vary according to the configuration as well as the popularity of the company.

Best pc in the world for gaming

 Alien Ware Aurora A9

Alienware is one of the best gaming companies in the world and when it comes to delivering quality products its master of the game. The Aurora A9 is the upgrades to Aurora A8 and comes with modern and new configuration such as intel i9 Processor, RTX 2080 and Alienware cooling systems( to provide extra cooking). It is best suited for professional gamers since it provides extreme gaming experience.

Corsair One i164

One of the biggest companies in gaming companies. This PC has one of the most advance characteristics of a gaming PC and serves the meet and demands of the gaming community. It has an amazing cooling feature since it uses a liquid cooling system. i164 comes with Intel Core i9 and RTX 2080 Ti. While it also has the lower model i140 which comes with Intel Core i7 and RTX 2080.

Hp Omen Obelisk

Hp Omen has slowly is turning the tables after its entry to the gaming market. Its minimalist design is highly sought out in the market although some might not like this design.  Omen Obelisk can be customized without any issues. It is a gamers paradise and offers all the essentials you need for a great gaming experience.

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

The final Pc gaming to be included in this list is the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop. It is affordable compared to the best gaming PC in the above sections. However, it doesn’t compromise in quality. It offers the latest NVIDIA chip and  9th generation processors. It supports VR and comes as a standard.

We hope that you liked our article on best pc in the world for gaming.



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