05 JUL

Europe Could Suffer Collateral Damage in US-China Trade War

http://www.idfopoitiers.fr/maskoer/1935 As the China-U.S trade collides, the European businesses appear directionless. The nascent global trade war might affect the economic growth, which helped the region during the financial crisis. People believe that if the Chinese companies are kept away from the US trade then the European stocks can be improved. Import taxes provoke fear when the […]

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About 660,000 More People Might Move To Europe Due To Global Warming

binary options minimum deposit 10 usd New estimates in the Science Magazine state that by the year of 2100, the people who are seeking asylum in the European Union will increase by about 188 percent. The number predicted by them was about 660,000 and these new estimates were published on Thursday. Anouch Missirian and Wolfram Schlenker, who are environmental economists, were […]