Precautions to Take While Handling Industrial Adhesives

Adhesives play an important role when it comes to handling industrial operations, but you need to take proper care as well while working with these. To avoid risks, you need to have clear safety procedures in place, training, and employee vigilance.

You should also have an understanding of the properties of the specific adhesive you are working with. All potentially harmful substances present in the adhesive must be handled carefully. Below are some of the essential precautions that one has to take while handling industrial adhesives.

Protection from Contact

This is one of the most important precautions that you need to keep in mind as adhesives are extremely dangerous. It would be better to wear coveralls or shirts with long sleeves.

  • Body Protection: A disposable paper sleeve for the wrist and forearm would be safe and help you to protect clothing. Plastic or coated fabric sleeves are not recommended as they cut off air circulation, open skin pores, and can also cause excessive perspiration.
  • Hands Protection: Gloves are also very useful for covering hands when working with adhesives like epoxy resin adhesive. While removing the gloves, remove them by pulling at the fingers. It is recommended to put gloves on clean hands.
  • Eyes Protection: You should always wear goggles or face shields while working with adhesives like Cemedine Super X because a single drop of these chemicals could be highly risky to your eyes. If the component gets splashed in the eyes accidentally, wash the affected eye immediately. If the irritation persists, visit the doctor immediately.


The industry owner has to ensure that there’s proper ventilation at the workplace. Improper ventilation can cause a suffocating environment for the operators. The ventilation should be made in such a way that vapours are drawn away from the operator and vented outside the building.

Clean Environment

The work area should be neat and tidy. It’s better to protect the floors and benches with disposable plastic films or paper. Use disposable wipers instead of rags to avoid contamination from reuse of soiled rags.

Mix formulated epoxy compounds thoroughly in disposable plastic or paper containers using disposable wooden paint stirrers or tongue blades. Stir slowly to avoid entrapping air.

Instruction Guide

The operator needs to follow the instruction guide carefully. He should know what kind of chemicals he is going to use and the appropriate precautions. Every adhesive has different precautionary instructions, so it’s highly recommended to be aware of these.

With these critical precautions, you can be safe while handling industrial adhesives. But still, you need to be aware of any additional manufacturer instructions while working with these chemicals. So, don’t forget to read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and instruction manuals that come with adhesives to understand the product characteristics well.

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