Most Beautiful Barge Cruise Destinations in Europe

Are you planning a cruise trip in Europe? You should consider holding it for some time as we are here to tell you yet another amazing way of exploring the gorgeous city of Europe – barge cruising. This is a slower and closer way to visit the different cities of Europe than the standard cruise on a ship. Whether you believe it or not, you are going to change your plans after reading this blog!

1.Canal du Midi

This appears as the top barge cruise destination in the world. It stretches from Toulouse to Etang de Thau and covers the Languedoc region. Since this is located on the northern side of Pyrenees Mountains, it is the perfect way to enjoy your way of exploring the brighter side of France. One fact about this way is that it has a lot of vineyards because it falls in the largest wine production area of France.


Holland offers a very fantastic opportunity to take a happy cruise along a barge. No matter from where you start your cruise, Netherland’s history can be best known along the Dutch waterways.

  1. Burgundy, France

Burgundy in France covers 600 miles of the water area and it is probably the most suitable option to choose for a cruise. Towards North Burgundy, you are definitely going to find a lot of activities like a bike ride along the canal or walking through the beautiful villages. On the other hand, South Burgundy will offer you more of the scenic beauty of nature. There are three routes, which you can follow – Canal de Bourgogne, Canal du Centrea and the Canal du Nivernais, but honestly the experience and the fun is the same.

4.Champagne, France

This place has more than what it just tells you by its name. Cruising along this, you will cover regions like Reims where the kings of France were crowned. You will also get the opportunity to see where the First World War took place i.e. Belleau Wood. It also has two canal routes – Canal du Marne or Canal de L’Aisne.

Hopefully, you are now more excited to take your tour to Europe because you now have a lot to do and enjoy. Do you know some other barge cruise destinations? Do let us know.

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