Learn How to Play Fantasy Cricket League

A fantasy sport – whether it’s cricket, football, tennis or basketball – is an online game where the participants are required to assemble a virtual team of real players of that particular sport. These teams that are created by the participants then compete with each other based on the statistical performance of the selected players in the actual games.

Fantasy sports have taken the world by storm and it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry today. Though there are many sports that are played, football and cricket are the ones that rule the circuit. The reason why fantasy sports are getting popular is that it not only provides fun and entertainment but also gives you the kick that you get when actually playing on the ground. All the more you can earn some quick bucks and that too legally.

If you want to learn how to play fantasy league cricket, then you should go through the websites that hold such games. They design the format of the game carefully so that no rules or regulations applicable in a particular country get compromised. This ensures that the players don’t get into any trouble as these websites take all precautionary measures.

Here’s how you need to proceed. Choose 14 players out of which 11 will be playing at any given point in time and three will be substitutes. Based on your knowledge of cricket, you can choose these players after analysing their strike rate, the wicket count taken by bowlers, the leadership quality, and efficiency a particular player displayed as a captain etc. Once you choose your team, you have to appoint a captain and a vice-captain. You are free to decide and change the batting and bowling order.

Once this is done, a cricket scorecard will be created for your team. This scorecard will be updated based on the performance of players in actual live matches. It means for a batsman chosen by you in your team, the scorecard will be updated based on runs and balls faced by him in the actual match. Similarly, the bowling innings score will be updated based on the overs bowled, wickets taken and runs given by a particular bowler in a live match.

There are some rules for each format of the game that you need to go through and understand. At the end of the match, the total scores of all participants are compared.  Depending on by how many runs you win by, your ranking is decided. The best part is even if you lose a match you can still win a cash prize. This happens if other players in the league lose by a bigger margin than you.

This game is all about your knowledge about the sport, experience, analytical skills, and expertise. If you have it in you, you can realize your dream to play on the actual pitch through a virtual mode.  

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