Jarvis Ironman – AI Project: The Invention for Future

High intelligence has always dominated science fiction, especially artificial intelligence (AI). The AI robotic systems like androids, intelligent computers, and robots have been the standards, with system capabilities extending beyond human comprehension. Such systems have the ability to interact. The best instance of such interaction can be seen in Iron Man movies that feature Jarvis, an artificially intelligent janitor.

What Is Jarvis AI Project?

Tony Stark, the developer of his movie, and Billionaire Philanthropist communicates with Jarvis, who completely understands all. Jarvis, aware of the life history of Tony, his likes, dislikes, allergies, and fears behaves proactively and intuitively in the way any human being with great intelligence would.  This is not just a wish because there are many developers who have been devoting their energy, lives, and time to create an interactive AI. This is the Jarvis Ironman AI project.  

While many of them had doubt if it would be possible to actually see a system like Jarvis in real life, developers and scientists are striving to make this a possibility. In fact, what we are seeing today as Cortana or Siri is rather a mini model of Jarvis itself.

Two young Indian developers Chiragh Dewan and Himanshu Vaishnav established their company with only one mission- to develop and deliver their invention Jarvis to the world. The full form of Jarvis is Just A Rather Very Intelligent System. If they happen to accomplish their objectives, Jarvis may turn out to be an innovation that would alter the way we’ve understood technology to be.

Hopes are being built up after the Indian developers exhibited an early edition of Jarvis some months back. Even in its early phase, Jarvis was quite impressive and had the ability to do the fundamental human interaction. It had the ability to answer questions, compile reports, control lights through voice command, interact on Facebook, Twitter, and do much more. The second edition is almost in its final stage and the duo will soon demonstrate the expanded abilities of Jarvis.

In fact, as of now, there is already a possibility available to get and use a Jarvis-like AI that can understand some basic commands using a computer, Rainmeter software, Ironman theme pack, speech recognition setup, Windows 7 boot screen updater, and Windows speech recognition macros.

What Jarvis Can Contribute for the Future?

Once completed and launched, Jarvis is expected to have the capability to change the computer industry eternally. It would be able to understand the human needs and do tasks like sending email, organizing folders, and other such things. Human beings can control it through gestures and voice. Humans can just interact with the system as if it was a human, and Jarvis in turn would respond in natural language itself.

Having read all this, you might be thinking it would help you become very famous in the geek world if you have a real-life Jarvis with you.

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