Internet Video Production Services Can Benefit Your Small Business

In tough economic times, increasing your online business presence is the optimal way to grow your business without incurring the numerous costs that come with expanding your physical locations. But if you run a small or midsized business that doesn’t have a large advertising budget, getting noticed online can be particularly challenging. That’s why an increasing number of small to midsized businesses are turning to SEO specialists to improve their websites’ page ranking, the quality of their web traffic and the performance of their web traffic.

While getting the right shoppers to visit your site is priority number one, priority number two is getting those shopper to make a purchase, which is where the SEO tactic of developing strategic landing page videos can pay dividends. In some cases, SEO firms offer full-scale Internet video production services, and these are the firms that you should consult with to create strategic website videos. When you do, you can expect to come away with web videos that increase you sales and save you money by offering the following characteristics.

Professional Video

The Internet is full of videos, on ecommerce websites and otherwise, that intend to generate a response but end up failing because of their amateurism. If you want a web video to generate sales, it should ideally be shot in full HD and developed by an SEO marketing expert. After being shot, the video should then be edited by a professional film editor to give it the style and substance that will make your video produce its intended effect. While entrusting your video to full scale Internet video production service will cost more than doing the job yourself, web videos that aren’t top quality are quickly dismissed in favor of those that are.

Excellent ROI

While paying for full scale Internet video production services probably sounds expensive, it’s nothing compared to the dramatic effect that professionally made web videos can have on your sales in a short period of time. As a general rule, you can expect for each minute of your web video to cost around $1,000, depending on such factors as whether or not you require actors or multiple shoot locations. Most landing page videos are around three minutes in length, the cost of which can be negated by increased sales within only a few days, especially if work with an SEO specialist to improve your page ranking and drive quality traffic to your website.

Flexible Content

If your web videos are shot in full HD, which is fast becoming the industry standard for corporate homepage videos, your videos can easily be repurposed for other uses. For example, in addition to having a corporate video on your homepage, you can also repurpose it as a trade show video or a video broadcast. While some companies try to save money by having their videos shot with lower capacity cameras, they often end up spending more on video production in the long run because their videos can’t be repurposed.

For the past eight years, I’ve worked as a video editor for an SEO firm that offers full-scale Internet video production services. Most of our clients are small to midsize companies that don’t have large advertising budgets or professional Internet video production capabilities. By turning to us, they receive strategic, professional videos that dramatically improve their bottom line.

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