Insights Into FIFA 17 Through The Release Of Official Trailer

The football season is back with a bang and now the gaming fans are waiting for FIFA 17. Just like the fans enjoy the triumphs of their favourite clubs on the ground, the gaming fans also go wild ranting and raving in the online version of the game. EA Sports had released the FIFA 17 official trailer long back in the month of June. It has garnered enough interest among the fans, especially the introduction of the new mode called The Journey. In the trailer itself, they have specified a lot on it.

fifa 17 official trailer

There is an ongoing battle between PES and FIFA for proving supremacy in the virtual mode of the game and keeping that in mind FIFA 17 is coming with complete overhaul dressed up with new engine Frostbite, an innovative story mode and many other new features.

After the release of FIFA 17 official trailer, some of the features caught the attention of the people, and they promise to make FIFA 17 totally different from its predecessor. They are as under:

  • Innovative Mode: The talk of the town is ‘The Journey’. Posing as a young, able, talented striker – AlexHunter, you can chart his career graph based on your decisions and the performance in the game. Based on your performance, you can choose which premier league club you want to play with and what position you want to play at. You need to impress your manager and earn a spot in playing 11. In fact, you can experience everything that a real player goes through this mode of the game.
  • The All-New Engine: FIFA 17 is coming dressed up in an all-new engine – Frostbite. Working for two years to make it possible, this technology will help to attain much more realistic feel to the game. The improved graphics will help all aspects of the game, making it more enjoyable and lively.
  • Control the Ball: The new technology that is applied in this version helps the virtual players to react in a humanly way in receiving the ball. They can jostle like real players on a field, fight and gain better positions to receive and in fact all the tension that is seen between the teams on the ground is replicated here in the virtual world.

The release of the official trailer had generated a lot of curiosity and expectation and with the release of the full version we will be able to see if FIFA 17 has actually fulfilled them.

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