Hurricane Maria Fully Ruined the Puerto Rico Island

Hurricane Maria ruined Puerto Rico with its powerful wind and destroyed the whole island with its wind power bearing a speed of 155mph. According to sources,3.5 million people have been affected by it.

This hurricane has been recorded as one of the monster storms of this century. The life-threatening winds knocked the doors at around 11.15 am BST in Puerto Rico and tore off the roofs along with doors and uprooted the trees.

Governor Ricardo Rossello said that it was one of the most terrifying Hurricanes that the entire nation experienced in modern history. The first landfall was at the southeast coastal town of Yabucoa and gradually it wreaked havoc to the whole island.

The US President, Donald Trump was also acknowledged the suffering caused by Hurricane Maria and informed the people that “Our hearts are with you.” He also added that Hurricane Maria is a “monster” of all time.

Hurricane Maria was so strong that it took the life of at least nine people and the loss of property is yet to be calculated.

Mr. Carlos Mercader, spokesman for Puerto Rico’s governor, said that this was a huge loss in terms of infrastructure and Puerto Rico Island will need a really long time to recover.

After destroying Puerto Rico, the course of the hurricane shifted to northeast coast of the Dominican Republic was supposed to hit it the region by Wednesday night and Thursday.

Maria is recorded as the most powerful Atlantic storms which destroyed several Caribbean islands just after Hurricane Irma showed its power. In short, Irma and Maria took the revenge one after another and ruined many lives.

The US Virgin Islands Department of Tourism has strictly warned to the people to postpone their visit to these places because of heavy rainfall and flooding.

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