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Every business startups needs a website whether or not it’s a functioning e-trade setup or simple blog to post to every day updates. In either way you need a internet web hosting service, then that time HostGator can be the best choice for quality cloud, reseller, virtual private server and dedicated server packages. So HostGator is the one of the biggest and oldest web hosting companies in the industry. But they’re nevertheless making developments, posting an average uptime of 99.98% over the past 16 months. HostGator has good customer service connecting their through live chat and answering each and every question within a few seconds. Their primary and shared hosting plans will come up with unlimited storage, bandwidth and free SSL certificate. In bad manner, the HostGator average loading page time will take them to 1007ms minimum. But many extra services maybe like backups and security will be tacked on as additional fees. Even the renewal rates are very high after the first term expires. Below are the complete Pros on why should we use HostGator.

Strong and Stable uptime of 99.98%

HostGator has published 99.98% uptime over the last 16 months because of the one bad month back in December 2017. Since then they have been top notch staying close to 99.99%-100%. The HostGator has been consistent so far because of the uptime guarantee says that if they drop below 99.99%, then your amount will be credit back to your account. However guarantee cannot be assured on basis in maintenance and impossible to predict hacks features. If that’s case you have reach out and ask for the credit by submitting a report to the billing department within 30 days. The HostGator has started some pop ups for guarantees time, which means all customers wiil result as winner. By doing this so it forces everyone in the industry to match their guarantee and raise the standard level of service of their companies or try risking by falling behind.

Good Support

HostGator affords great ideas through phone, email or live chat support. Then last option can be the quickest, connecting provider to a service rep within 15 seconds or so. The HostGator are well-educated, trained and friendly and provides the best experience.

Site Security Features Available

HostGator also has Site features which they getting for one site but they does not have extras features to add on top of it. But they can provide some extra features like security, ability to add  SiteLock for monitoring your site where the service will run each day looking for any potential site breaches or hacks and will let you know immediately when they discover it. They also provide Spam Assassin on their e mail plans to assist save you direct mail from hitting your inbox in the first place. The only thing that will cost you extra is SiteLock features which billed annually across $19.99.

HostGator can be really good option because of it offers lot of benefits where the uptime has improved drastically over the year or so and customer service is best rated. So HostGator can little bit of expensive initially on paper but you can end up paying same at end of the day when you have pay for extras features.

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