Over the web, you will get a lot of mix reviews regarding the services offered by Hostgator India. However, over these 10 months I have been a very satisfied customer and have great appreciation for their services. I approached their customer service only thrice during these months and it was mainly because I did some blunder from my side. However, when I approached the technical support team, they resolved all my issues without taking much of the time. The other good thing which I found about them was that their support is available 24/7. So, no matter if at 3.00 a.m. you are stuck with some issues, there will always be someone to support you.

If you are interested in buying a plan from Hostagtor India, you can check out from here.

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I have listed some pros and cons in the most summarized way, so that you would have less trouble listing the advantages and disadvantages.

Hostgator India Review: The Pros

Here are the pros:

1. Very good customer service. They know how to fix your problem. Till now I have contacted the customer service thrice and have been happy with their service.

2. Very reliable support and up time. You could expect an uptime of 99.9% as claimed by them.

3. They have plans with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, for all their plans. This is not available with any other hosting provider with the same price.

4. Supports most of the platforms. For WordPress, I would say this is the best hosting provider. If you have problem initially – integrating and setting up your website, their technical staff would support you in all the way and would help you out in propagating your website.

5. The technical support and customer service support is 24/7/365, so you need not worry if you are stuck at any point of the day. So you have localized toll free support.

6. If you are a subscriber in India, you can pay in Indian currency either with your credit card, debit card, internet banking, direct bank deposit and PayPal. However, if you are opting for hosting providers outside India, you can only use your credit card and Pay Pal.

7. As the hosting servers are located in India itself, the Indian audience will take less time to load your web pages. This proves to be very beneficial if your target audience is mainly from India.

8. They use the custom cPanel which is very common amongst the hosting providers. You can get a lot of tutorials online in understanding their cPanel configurations.

9. Free domain and website migration which includes transfer of your domain, file, database and scripts. They do not charge you anything for it.

10. Free site builder and website templates. However, I would not recommend that you use them.

11. Varied packages offered as per your need like Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.


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