Home Office Leak Shows a Narrower Definition of the Term ‘Family Member’

The post-Brexit immigration plans were leaked yesterday to The Guardian who published it. These plans outline a comprehensive economic self-harm program for satisfying the most mean-spirited elements in the name of national personality. On dealing with immigration post Brexit, the plans are nothing more than a manifesto of self-harm and all this in the name of xenophobia.

These immigration plans reveal how the family reunion rights for EU nationals in the UK will weaken after the jurisdiction of the European court of justice ends. As of now, the EU nationals working in Britain can bring their extended family members to live with them in the country. But, the leaked document shows that there will be extended restrictions, which will curtail this right and the families will be forced to turn into “Skype families”.

The European case law will no longer be applicable or binding to all those who come to Britain post-Brexit. The definition of family members will only include partners, children under 18 and adult-dependent relatives. As of now, the EU accepts extended family member as anyone who can provide a valid proof of relationship with the EU citizen.

While many feel that this is absurd, there will be some who will insist that it is the right thing to do. They will argue that it is all about taking control and having the right immigration rules in place rather than anything to do with xenophobia.

This leaked document also states that the forthcoming immigration bill will also introduce a new transitional and final immigration system and this system will have minimal parliamentary scrutiny.



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