GoDaddy Review and Exclusive Deals 18-19

Looking for hosting to start your business online, but all of them are too expensive for you? GoDaddy comes to your rescue.

With prices as low as $1.5/month, you can get reliable and scalable hosting from GoDaddy. GoDaddy is not only the largest domain registrar in the market, but also one of the leading hosting providers.

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GoDaddy offers incredible budget-friendly plans even after though it is a big player. Everything that you need to get your business online is offered by this firm.

If you think you are not tech savvy to get your website started, GoDaddy has that covered for you. You can use the inbuilt website builder to help you out in these tasks and make a professional website with just a few clicks!

There are many features like these on the GoDaddy hosting dashboard to help you in your online journey. If the budgeted prices are still too steep for you, you can use these exclusive Black Friday discounts to save a ton more money!

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Best Things About Godaddy

Reliable and Competent – They undoubtedly know what they’re doing, and you’ll estimate GoDaddy service to be reliable and competent. They have one of the best domain searching options available – if a website you wish to buy isn’t any longer obtainable, GoDaddy will place it on backorder. They additionally give an enormous domain auction wherever the shortest, spiciest domain names are up for grabs.

Support – is additionally known as a large ICANN-accredited name registrar (actually there are 3 of all of them closely-held by The GoDaddy Group). This permits the company to deliver a range of product and support them 24/7, 365 days a year. GoDaddy provides entirely different services from low-cost website hosting, name registration, GoDaddy website builder, to serious solutions for businesses and e-commerce websites. GoDaddy asserts that they don’t handle any outsourcers. They own, run and support their data centers what permits the company to provide customers with high-level protection. Among GoDaddy facilities are secure hardware, advanced systems, and technologies, network redundancy, on-site support employees.

Easy to use – GoDaddy is incredibly simple to use. One-click install of over 150 free applications available with cPanel for Linux and over 70 free applications available with Parallels Plesk for Windows. The file manager, domain and database manager are all fantastic. Online file managers are rarely, therefore, flexible. It doesn’t do everything. However, it’s appealing to the attention and equipped with more than standard array of options. Note that some things require setup time. If you would like to make a brand new database, for instance, there’s a delay that can take up to twenty-four hours.

Control Panel – GoDaddy uses it’s own custom backend with styling to make it look more unique and professional. One thing we like is that the control panel is easily accessible and integrated into their general client area. There are more than 200 apps available (like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Simple Machines, Zen Cart, etc.). Along with the usual options, you can also access all the Developer and WordPress Joomla toolkits.

Latest acquisition – On May 17, 2016, GoDaddy announced it has entered into an agreement to purchase FreedomVoice for $42 million in cash. FreedomVoice is a provider of cloud-based VoIP phone systems that serves nearly 40,000 customers across the United States. Check some GoDaddy Promo Codes here!

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