European Countries That Welcomed Migrants Abode Now Criticized for Increase in Population

While European elections round the corner, there is one thing that is bothering the countries and that is the migration battle that is affecting the smooth coordination between the countries.

While the rest of the doors closed for the migrants from Syria who were victims of the civil war happening in their country since long, Germany was one of the few countries to have welcomed them and offered them shelter and food. Now that the population has increased and the alarming situation gave rise to the current political crisis among the European countries, everyone is playing the blame game to avoid any problems whatsoever. Had the other countries also welcome the refugees along with Germany then the situation wouldn’t have been as worse as it is now.

If reports are to be believed as per the facts furnished, then the European country has taken more migrants within a year than Australia could take since the Second World War took place. Even the education of the migrant children and work for the adults has been taken care of by Germany alone.

In the past, major European countries like Britain and France have travelled far and wide to countries like America and Australia to rule their country. But, when it came to accept the migrants who were fleeing from the war-torn country, they banned the entry to secure their situation and in the end some European countries suffered because of the inhibition from the others.

Globalisation refers to circulation of goods, services and people as well. If the migration problem isn’t sorted out anytime soon, then a major crisis is likely to erupt soon and ultimately lead to major political issues. The current chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel was seen sending out a warning to those attending the EU summit, which took place recently. Since the nation is failing on migration related issues, it would eventually “decide the EU’s fate”.

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