EU to Begin Their Post BREXIT trade talks with UK

The European Union is thinking of preparing their post-BREXIT negotiations of trade with the UK but they don’t want to discuss this matter with the British government.

An internal document that is still in draft stage suggests that the 27 countries in European Union are planning to discuss trade among each other while people in Brussels prepare all details. This draft could get revised.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the Chief of EU Commission, said that the progress of this is getting impeded by the lack of compromise on the financial commitments of the UK, adding that they actually have to pay EU.

When Juncker spoke in Luxembourg, he took the example of covering the entire bill after ordering about 28 beers at some bar when he was explaining the position of the European Union. He added that the negotiating process was taking a little longer than previously expected by them.

Thursday saw the end of the fifth round of talks and Michel Barnier, the Chief Negotiator of EU said that the UK’s Brexit bill had a difficult deadlock. He added that there wasn’t enough progress for moving on to the next post-Brexit stage as hoped by the UK but also added that a decisive progress would be seen by the time of the European Council’s December summit.

The draft paper that was submitted by Donald Tusk, the President of European Council, to the 27 members of EU suggests that the free trade talks would open by December if UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May improves her offer to leave EU.

The conclusions to the draft, that is going to be put in front of the leaders of EU next Friday, call for concessions from the government of UK on the financial obligations as well as the rights of all the European nationals that wish to stay back even after Brexit.

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