Disappointment Revolves Around The European Leaders As They Fail In Migration Crisis

The European migrant crisis started long back in 2015, when people started entering the European union, including people who were Syrian, Afghani, Iraqi, or from the other Muslim communities, who travelled across the sea, and entered the territory.

The EU political standoff on migration is already costing lives; more than 200 lives have been lost since Salvini decision, and the number of people drowning in the Mediterranean has risen by 20% since then.

Salvini commented on migration – “From now on, under the SOLAS Convention, captains who are at sea in the area in front of Libya will have to turn to the Tripoli Centre and the Libyan Coast Guard for help”. A war of words around the talks of the recent failed immigration approach, has surrounded the political environment, and created discomfort.

To handle such migration issues, long-term plans are needed, which are supposed to be planned beforehand. Irregulated Migration has been primary issue from decades, with people migrating from one place to another due to political issues, poverty and various other reasons.

The European government took several measures to help people come out of such crisis by providing them human assistance when needed, helping poor in education, and taking necessary legal steps to relocate the seekers.

But, their latest immigration plan failed when Ms.Merkel kept her view in limiting the number of migrants entering the country. There are so many people entering the EU territory with the hope of improving their lives, whereas few enter illegally, with the intention of smuggling and carrying out other illegal activities.

The current approach of  European Govt. failed the expectations of several migrants, but the migration policy has improved in terms from the policies implemented before. Soon enough, they might implement new plans to further improve their migration policy.

Let’s wait and watch how things shape up over the next few months, and what stance the govt. bodies take up.

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