Danish Minister Wants Both Parties to Come and Play Together

watch With just 18 months left to get a Brexit deal for Britain, the negotiations for the fifth round are scheduled to start today in Brussels. EU feels that the progress on the issue of how much the UK should pay for leaving the bloc is not enough.

http://gatehousegallery.co.uk/?myka=kursi-valutor-online&359=1a Many of the member countries are united right now on the fact that discussion should not be allowed on two-year transition deal as was requested by May in Florence. They feel that till the time some “sufficient progress” is made on the issues of financial commitments made by Britain, the Irish border and citizens’ rights, they will not go with future talks as is planned for Brussels summit.

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enter site Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator for the EU has told the European parliament that he is working in the direction that the UK should honour all its financial commitments that it promised, “no more, no less”.

http://ramblingroseboutique.com/?prertwe=mulatto-dating-white&a21=3f But speaking on the condition of anonymity, the diplomats of various countries said that if trade talks get postponed beyond December, then it will be difficult to remain united for the nations. Netherlands and Denmark have already started showing their desire to open the trade talks any time soon.

source site Kristian Jensen, the Danish Finance Minister has said, “In any political negotiations, there is not enough time, not enough money, not enough this, not enough that.”

http://gsc-research.de/gsc/nachrichten/detailansicht/index.html?cHash=7c3a56d62c He said that these things keep happening and it’s always a part of the game. After the concessions made by the British PM Theresa May last month at Florence, he feels that both sides on the same page. Thus, they should go ahead with the talks. They should work on concluding the issues through a get close and speedy process.


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