The Crucial Steps to Implementing Successful Organization Change

To bring about high-level improvements in the business, sometimes you need to implement organizational change process. Many entrepreneurs and managers shy away from implementing it as they feel it will be a complex process. The reason that the change process fails at times is that the resistance to change is basic human nature.

If you want to implement organizational innovation and organizational change process successfully, you need to focus on the right things and build an atmosphere where the changes are accepted with open arms by the organizational members.

Here are few steps that will ensure that change implementation process will be an easy job.

Understand Why and When You Need Change

Acknowledging the need for change is the first step. Once you understand that you need to change, the next question that you need to answer is – ‘What you need to change and when?’ If you are prepared with all these answers, then half the battle is already won. You also need to involve a wide range of people and develop a shared understanding. This will overcome the hurdle of resistance to change as they all will be the party to the decision.

Have a Proper Plan in Place

You should have a blueprint of what you want to implement and how so as to facilitate this change process. There will be drivers that will impact the organisation and you need to factor them in. You can have a cause and influence diagram, which will map the complexity of a change situation. The plan will highlight everything right from why you need change to how it will happen and fix the responsibility of a person at each step of change.

Jot Down All Factors That Can Cause Resistance

There are many factors that lead to resistance to change, including the threat of comfort, the fear of losing power etc. You need to think of all factors that can cause resistance to change and start working on decreasing their influence. Keeping the organisation members in the loop will instigate a sense of confidence in them and they will become the drivers for change rather than resisting it.

Develop the Change Plans

Once you have communicated the need for change and involved people, go for developing the change plans. Work on every little detail like what will be different and how. Specify every little thing and schedule activities.

Time for Starting the Implementation

Once all groundwork is done, start with the actual implementation process.


This step is often overlooked. Once you are through with your planned change process successfully, you should celebrate it with your employees. This will make them feel good and a party to change and motivate them for another change process in the future.


You did this entire exercise to achieve something or to fix something. Thus, it is essential that you see if the desired results are achieved or not. If not, then you might need to change it again.

These are few of the crucial steps and missing them might make the organizational change process an unsuccessful one.

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