British nationals applying for citizenship

There has been a huge change in the citizenship regime of British officials after the referendum. In the last 12 months, around 25,207 Britons applied for Irish passports; the total number rose to 64,400 after the vote. There are many countries in the EU, not just Britain where the surge in dual citizenship has been seen.

In Sweden, the number went from 969 to 2,002. In Denmark, it went from 289 to 604 and in Poland from 152 to 332. It’s quite palpable that the number of applicants has been doubled in the last couple of months. If we look at the number of other countries, data could be slightly different, but they have also seen the increase in applications.

In countries like Germany, it comes state by state. There were only 60 applications from British citizens before the referendum, but that number has increased to 810 in the year after.

The same is with France. The exact number of applicants before and after the vote has not been disclosed till now, but according to the sources, there were more than 500 people who have applied for dual citizenship.

In Ireland, where monthly figures are available, the number of applications came in March, April, and May in the period just before or just after the British government triggered Article 50 and that’s how the countdown to the UK leaving the EU began.

Roughly more than a million UK citizens already live elsewhere in the European Union and others have the right to apply for citizenship in other EU countries.

Reality Check and Radio 4’s have also contacted all EU countries to confirm the number of nationality applications received from British people, before and after the referendum in 2016.

Though it has not been possible to get the exact figures for every country till now, but the data clearly shows that now people are more willing to go for dual citizenship.

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