Acer Bets on New Ultrabook to Spur Sales

Acer, Taiwanese PC maker had lost money since sales of their devices are little slower. The company is trying to hit the market with the new S7 ultra-thin laptop.

Acer is well known for its low priced notebooks. You can consider the new Aspire 7 that will go on sale by this month end. It is an ultra slim laptop measuring 0.47 inches. It is equipped with a lid that tilts back at 180 degrees. The device is controlled via touch screen, track pad, and a keyboard. The new Aspire S7 is a flagship model based on the MSFT 0.67 percent Windows 8. It has got good processing speed and very impressive battery back-up of 12 hours. On the whole, it has got pretty good ultimate screen resolution.

Initially, the product will be available for North American customers and then to Asian and European customers. It starts with an impressive price of $1,199 and leaves your wallet thinner.

It is also called Ultrabook, and termed as a powerful laptop with new breed of light. Acer hopes for better sales and helps the firm turn around.

Wanli Wang, an analyst in Taipei says that Acer has to beat the competitors with the new laptop. You can also see similar products with new Microsoft Windows 8. Other major companies are unveiling their devices with new Windows 8. PC makers like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Asustek will announce the pricing details for their new Ultrabook in the upcoming weeks. Acer will offer stiff competition.

The new Aspire S7 from Acer will be snazzy. The price will be little higher for average customers. The starting price of the new Aspire 7 will be little higher when compared with Apple’s popular Macbook. However, the new device from Acer lacks the shine of Apple brand. The company has focused traditionally on the lower priced notebooks.

Acer is trying pretty hard to transform the brand image. The company also hired a new marketing chief and ramped up spending on research and development.

Henry Wang, an Acer spokesman said that they are changing the overall approach with respect to the product design to place the device at greater emphasis.

However, the analysts say that the product design and brand image lags behind its competitors like Asustek and Lenovo. We just have to wait and see how new Aspire performs.

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