5 Smart Betting Strategies to Win Big In IPL League

IPL (Indian Premier League) is a yearly league tournament between different franchise teams in India. This league is one of the biggest cricket leagues all around the world and the 2018 IPL would be the 11th season of IPL. With spectacular catches, mind boggling strokes of the bat and unbelievable match winning bowling, IPL has everything.

Sports betting in India has been gaining a lot of popularity of late. It can help you make money off this incredible season of cricket. Here are five smart cricket betting strategies that can help you win big during this latest IPL season:

  • Balance Your Team Properly But Pick Players Who Would Get a Chance to Play:

It is important to balance your team but it is also important that you pick players who would get a chance to play. Don’t just go for all top order batsmen as they have higher value as compared to other players. This is why it is important to balance your team so that you stay within the team value cap. But you still need to take players who would play the match. Picking 3-4 top order batsmen and 1-2 middle order batsmen is a safe bet.

  • Go for Individual Match Betting:

It is true that tournament batting in such leagues has bigger awards, but don’t forget the breadcrumbs! Individual match betting earns you a lot more with lesser risk factor. Instead of going for an entire franchise or picking players from all franchises, you would only choose from the two playing teams. Therefore, you have less chance to make mistakes.

  • Check Match Playing Conditions before Picking Players:

It is a T20 format where anything can happen, but the gaming rules still apply. Spinners would work well on slower pitches and if the weather forecast says that rain is evident, picking players from the team that is going to set the target is a better bet. Therefore, select players according to playing conditions.

  • Don’t Forget to Predict and Bet on the Player Statistics Awards:

Each match and tournament has player of the match, player of the series, highest sixes, purple cap, orange cap etc. You can bet on these simple statistics by predicting which player would be best and win good money.

  • Go for In-Form Players Rather Than Players Who Are Known To Have Been Good in the Past:

Many players lose form with time. Sometimes, the form is lost due to injury and sometimes age could be the factor. Whatever the reason is, their game is likely to falter when it matters the most. Therefore, instead of going for known legends, go for players who are in form as they would win you matches.

Use these smart strategies for betting online India and win good money.

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