4 Ways to Save Money at the Airport

The world has become a ‘global village’. Distance is no longer a factor that separates the world. Due to technological advancements, it is now possible for us to reach the other side of the globe in less than 12 hours! The world is connected by air, water and road. Travelling has now become fun, cheap and hassle-free. However, air travel is faster, more effective and saves a lot of useful time. While it is so efficient in providing good services, airports seem to always be crowded and can become a cause for stress in most of us. Airports are also very expensive with product rates being double or sometimes, even thrice as much as they are outside.

  • Duty Free Shopping: Duty free shopping can be a steal, especially for a few expensive products. Some items like liquor and exclusive chocolates are priced lower inside the airport rather than outside. The knowledge of such products and services allows one to avail maximum savings at the airport. So duty free shopping is effective and one of the best ways to save money at airports.

the best credit card for lounge access

  • Premium lounge access: If you are a frequent traveler, then signing up for a premium lounge using the best credit card for lounge access can save you a lot of money on food, drinks and other amenities during your transit at the airport, along with making it a comfortable travel experience for you. With access cards like platinum cards, your access is extended to most premium lounge experiences in airports across the world. These lounges have a wide selection of hot and cold drinks along with many other amenities. The best credit card for lounge access would also allow you to add your travel points to your profile so that you can enjoy more privileges at the lounges.
  • Buy extra luggage online: When you are travelling long distances for a large duration of time, having a luggage limit can be annoying. Taking more luggage on-board than the permitted limit may seem impossible, but all airport ticket counters have facilities for you to buy extra luggage. Buying luggage online is always cheaper than buying extra luggage at the counter. So do check the airline policies correctly and prepare well in advance if you plan on carrying extra luggage.

the best credit card for lounge access

  • Exchange currency: International travel can be a hassle because different countries have various currencies, it is best to visit a foreign exchange in order to get the best exchange rates as well as security. Exchanging or withdrawing currency from your bank account in a foreign land will attract more than one extra. Hence, it is best to either buy a travel card or to exchange the currency locally before travelling.

Saving money on airports during frequent travels can prove to be very effective and light on your pocket. The above points will definitely help you optimize your funds at the airport!  

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