4 Emerging Travel Destinations in Europe for 2019

Once a traveller is always a traveller!  Now that the year 2018 has come to an end, the time has come to plan a vacation to your favorite places in the world and cut them off your travel bucket list. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a solo trip or a family trip; all that matters is a proper travel plan, which may help you plan, save and enjoy the vacation at the same time. If you are planning to travel to Europe in 2019, then there are certain travel destinations, which you must visit. In this issue, we shall be sharing 4 emerging destinations, which we think are a must-visit:

Copenhagen, Denmark

Travellers have been tempted to visit this travel destination since quite some time now. Yet, there are plenty of unexplored places in Copenhagen, which are waiting to be discovered by you. Copenhagen is the best travel destination for those who love food to bits. There is a place called Torvehallerne wherein around 60 odd food stalls are present for satiating your taste buds for good. All the fun-loving people can spend quality time at Tivoli, which is an enchanting amusement park. Though it is open all day, the magic can be felt at night.

Colmar, France

One of the most charming and magical destinations of France, Colmar is apt for creating romantic memories with your life partner. The lovely French town looks exactly like a preserved village from medieval era. It is adorned with half-timbered houses, multiple flower pots in the vicinity and cobblestone street. If you have the knack of loving things that belong to the ancient era, you may love this place to bits.

Hvar Island, Croatia

One of the most beautiful travel destinations in Croatia, Hvar Island is one of the best places to visit in summer. Popular artists and travellers from all parts of the world visit this picturesque destination to spend quality time over there. It is adorned with beautiful landscapes, clear waters, pleasant sun and cultural heritage. This summer, plan a vacation to this beautiful island with your friends and family.

Riga, Latvia

Riga is undeniably one of the most incredible travel spots of Latvia. The amazing city is basically an amalgamation of different cultures that have flourished there over the centuries. The amazing city has breathtaking islands, scenic beaches and little hilly spots. Those who have a keen interest in architecture can explore this city and appreciate its beauty.

These are some of the emerging travel destinations, which every traveller should visit in the year 2019. If you are yet to plan a journey, do add these destinations to your list and enjoy your holidays. Book your flights and hotels in advance to avoid last minute price surge.

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